The Morning Show with Bob Marrone

WFAS is proud to welcome their new Morning Show Host, Bob Marrone

Brooklyn born Bob Marrone comes to WFAS with a strong and diverse background in broadcasting, writing, business and communications.  Most people know him for his award winning work as the morning man and news director at WVOX radio for six years, where he built a large following he hopes to take with him to News Talk 1230 WFAS.  Prior to that he did night and weekend shows for WVOX, WVIP and The Talk Radio Network where he was host of the Baby Boomer Radio Magazine.  His radio work also includes hosting news and election specials as well as guest appearances to discuss finance and other topics in which he has extensive knowledge and experience.  He began his broadcasting/news career stringing for Time Warner Cable as a producer, writer and field reporter.

Bob is as comfortable talking with the Whitehouse correspondent as he is the local mayor, and can discuss issues ranging from the Middle East to Mamaroneck, all with warmth and humor.

In his years before radio, Bob worked on Wall Street specializing in training, communications and speech writing, even as moved into general management.   As for what he does now, he had promised himself that when his Microbiologist daughter was on her own two feet he would go back to school to study journalism and broadcasting, a journey he began in 1997 at the New School and  and the Connecticut School of Broadcast Communications.  Bob also studied political science at  St. Johns University and management at Columbia.

Today, Bob serves on the faculty of the New York Institute of Finance, the Mass Communications Advisory Board at Iona College and on the Board of Directors of the New Rochelle Opera.  He is also the executive director of the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce.

Bob Marrone’s achievements include two New York State Broadcaster Association awards one for best news in New York State, the other for best public affairs program.  He also was given the Habitat for Humanity’s media coverage award for his work on the 2007 floods which devastated areas of Westchester.  The YMCA recognized him with its 2009 Strong Communities award for his efforts to get out from behind his microphone and involve himself in the community.  He also received a citation from the United States Army for his annual holiday troop calls events during which he conference called soldiers deployed in war regions with their loved ones.

Marrone’s hobbies include playing and coaching over-30 hockey, looking after his library of over 2500 books and airplanes.  He also  loves to write, both commercially and for himself.  He was a regular weekly columnist for the Westchester Guardian until very recently when he began work for the New Rochelle Chamber, and was featured on AOL patch for several years.  He has also had his work recognized by New York State, Westchester County and the city of New Rochelle all of whom have declared separate Bob Marrone days in their respective locals. The spring of 2015 will see the publication of Bob’s first book, No Guarantees, a memoir about depression.

Even if you don’t ask him, Bob will tell you that the very best things that have ever happened to him are his two grandchildren who live in New Jersey.  The latter is why he maintains two abodes, one there, the other in his adopted home New Rochelle.

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